Orbital welding technology

Manufacturer:  Orbitech

From Orbitec Germany the best known brand in welding technology in EU, we can deliver the entire range of orbital welding units with tigtronic controllers, water cooled or gas cooled weld heads, orbital cutting saws, wire feed units, tube squaring systems with various collets, tube-tubesheet weld heads, O2 analysers, purge pressure analysers, covering ODs range 3.17 to 114.3 mm.
Our machines are proven robust and durable for years to deliver precision perfect weld joints conforming to EHEDG and AWS standards. This means faster job execution, best productivity and lowest down time to customers. Our application development centre at Sailauf (near Frankfurt) is open for welding demos and for FREE training for customers’ engineers to familiarise our high quality, versatile & energy efficient machines.