InstantLabs Medical Diagnostics Corp

We are the first company to have a commercially available true point of need, inexpensive molecular pathogen detection system for the food safety industry.Our Hunter will fundamentally change the way the food production, human and animal health industries test for pathogens

By bringing the Gold standard of pathogenic testing to the point of need we are in a unique position to expand and control a significant portion of the food safety markets worldwide and have an excellent opportunity to gain a solid share of the point of care market for human and animal health.

The company has launched Hunter as a commercial product and has begun to generate revenue with a number of clients globally including Perdue Farms the worlds second largest chicken producer.

We have established a global distribution network that covers 2/3 of the world’s population and has the greatest market potential for the Hunter system.

InstantLabs has consistently demonstrated the ability to bring its products to market at a spend rate of 2/3rds less and considerably faster than our competitors.